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Topic: where's your mouse?

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    where\'s your mouse?

    I just sold my trusty p-150 with its big empty dashboard where my mouse and keyboard used to sit.
    Waiting for the Motif to arrive.
    Where am I gonna put the now two computer\'s keys and mice??

    I have a nice enough desk I guess. An omnirax or something like that. But I don\'t have a nice recessed, proper pianokeys heighted shelf like Hans has.

    So, does anyone make a cute little shelf that would sit its feet behind and hang out over our master keyboards?
    Wouldn\'t it be great if it could be 88keys wide? and deep enough to put staff paper upon?
    I\'m gonna have to go get me a miter box, eh? Handy, I ain\'t. Would soooo rather buy a solution.
    Anyone seen anything like that?

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    Re: where\'s your mouse?

    > \"Where am I gonna put the now two computer\'s keys and mice??\"

    If you get a KVM switch, then it\'s only one mouse, keyboard and monitor. It\'s not a total solution, but it may help a bit.

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