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Topic: PC Machine for GS3

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    PC Machine for GS3

    Is it too earily to ask the system experts in this forum their opinions as to what might make a good PC for the new GS3? GS3 will be shipping in April so there is time to carefully consider what makes a good machine. Also in three months there may be some new hardware hittiong the market.

    Here are some issues to consider:

    1. Processor type and speed
    2. Memory (is 2GB still the limit?)
    3. Hard drives
    4. Audio outputs
    5. MIDI input (how do you get MIDI into GS3 from a mac?)
    6. Silent running -- what to buy to make the machine QUIET?

    Also I guess suggestions on what not to put in the machine and what \"brands\" to stay away from.

    Anybody have thoughts on the subject?


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    Re: PC Machine for GS3

    > 1. Processor type and speed

    We need to find out if GS3 is optimized for Intel and/or AMD. And if hyperthreading is supported.

    For speed, get the fastest CPU you can to run GigaPulse. If on a budget, find the \"sweet spot\", just before prices accelerate. (For AMD it\'s around the 2600+ today.)

    > 2. Memory (is 2GB still the limit?)

    Hopefully we will be able to use 2G for Giga alone. If that\'s the case 2.5G would be perfect - 2G for Giga; 0.5G for the OS.

    > 3. Hard drives

    Orchestral has \"unlimited\" polyphony. I wonder if one 10,000 RPM drive is better than splitting samples on multiple 7,200 RPM drives? We shall see.

    > 4. Audio outputs

    Something from a mfg who supports GSIF 2.0. Echo apparently will. I\'m sure that the other heavy hitters will follow. But who will release a solid GSIF 2.0 driver first? Again, we shall see.

    > 5. MIDI input (how do you get MIDI into GS3 from a mac?)

    A MIDI cable and a USB MIDI adapter should do the trick. Maybe GSIF 2.0 is required here so that the kernel-level MIDI is supported. I don\'t know that yet.

    > 6. Silent running -- what to buy to make the machine QUIET?

    Here are my tricks:
    * Fortron power supply
    * Zalman copper heatsink
    * Asus motherboard (no fan)
    * ATI Radeon 9000 non-pro (no fan)
    * Seagate ATA-IV or ATA-V HD (fluid drive bearings)
    * No case fan - the PS fan is enough.

    > Also I guess suggestions on what not to put in the machine and what \"brands\" to stay away from.

    I like Asus MBs since they have no fan, consistently test to be stable and they have great features, such as Gigabit LAN and SATA.

    And get name brand RAM with a heat spreader. Bad RAM can really ruin a good machine.

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    Re: PC Machine for GS3

    Good information. Clearly there are some questions needing answers before building a fresh machine for GS3. No doubt Tascam has been developing and testing GS3 on a variety of machines. I am curious about whether 10k drives offer an advantage.



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    Re: PC Machine for GS3

    I think if I needed to built a machine today, and I wanted it to be GS 3.0 ready I\'d do the following:

    * Blazing Intel CPU (the safe bet - though typically I\'m an AMD sweet-spot guy)

    * Two 1GB sticks of name-brand, heat-spreader RAM. Speed optimized for the CPU and MB capabilities. The third slot can always take another stick, if GS3 is shown to use it.

    * Seagate SATA-V for samples, given that noise is a consideration. Add more later. The 10K (and 15K SCSI) drives are just too loud.

    * Any recent Echo, M-Audio or RME (possibly other) audio card. Use GSIF 1.0 today. GSIF 2.0 will come. Cross-fingers that it\'s soon and stable. Or... No card and FxTeleport, though I don\'t know if this is at all feasible yet.

    * MIDI - if it\'s not on the card, FxTeleport or MOL today to another PC. A small MidiSport to the keyboard, if needed.

    * Quiet stuff, as from the above post.

    But, if you can wait, speeds will go up, prices down, and things will become more clear. But I would think that most everything above will make a great GS3 machine.

    It\'s not here yet, but I expect that mid-way through this year we\'ll start to see BTX format PCs. 2005 will almost certainly be a BTX (vs. ATX) year. Finally, a quiet, small, possibly rack-mount PC with mass-market quantities and pricing.

    True 64-bit opererating systems and a Giga update to support it (GS 3.5?) will be the next hurdle. Who knows when that will come about. Not much of a factor this year - except for the fact that the Athlon64 has such nice perfromance with the 32-bit world today.

    Following technology is like betting on horses - horses that double in size and speed every 18 months that is!

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