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Topic: My Turn to Build A PC

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    My Turn to Build A PC

    Just some feedback. I am a mac owner bldg a Gig PC.

    What yall think abut what I am thinking

    Abit Motherboard with Intel 865 Chipset
    Intel 2.8 P4 (Does hyperthreading do anything with regards to Giga??)

    or is a 2.4 P4 just fine???

    1.5 GB Memory (why 2Gb what more does it allow me to do? in regards to voices, etc...)

    Those are my main concerns.

    Any feedback greatly appreciated

    Oh Yeah I forgot my main purpose is to run VSL

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    Re: My Turn to Build A PC

    Originally posted by giles117:
    Just some feedback. I am a mac owner bldg a Gig PC.

    What yall think abut what I am thinking

    Abit Motherboard with Intel 865 Chipset
    Intel 2.8 P4 (Does hyperthreading do anything with regards to Giga??)

    or is a 2.4 P4 just fine???

    1.5 GB Memory (why 2Gb what more does it allow me to do? in regards to voices, etc...)
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Intel 865 is fine, just make sure the motherboard supports 800MHz FSB, the same applies to CPU (I\'m not sure if P2.4 supports that).
    Dualchannel memory helps a lot. This is supported by i865, you just need reliable memory modules (Kingstones are great, imho) and plug them in in identical pairs: for 1.5GB that\'s 2x512 + 2x256
    It is important they are the same brand and type - PC3200 (I think all motherboards based on i865 chipset support it)!
    I have no experience with Giga, but imo for increasing the streaming speed (and voice count?) you might use RAID. This is a motherboard feature which works with two harddisks as if they were one, noticeably increasing the data transfer speed.
    (Ask about these things your local hardware retailer.)
    Oh, and as for the HT, not sure but don\'t think current versions support it. Perhaps Giga3 will.
    Just my two cents...

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    Re: My Turn to Build A PC

    That is a big help thus far.

    I buy a motherboard this weekend, so every little bit helps.

    Might go with a 3 Ghz Processor.

    Hadnt considered a Raid system.

    What do you think of this one?? Raid Level 0 was what I was thinking. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] with a couple of Maxtor SATA Drives. What is Jbod.. Anybody know??? That is new terminology for me.

    http://www.adaptec.com/worldwide/product/proddetail.html?sess=no&language=English+US&prodke y=AAR-1210SA&cat=%2fTechnology%2fSerial+ATA%2fSerial+ATA +RAID

    Bryan Giles

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    Re: My Turn to Build A PC

    JBOD is Just a Bunch Of Drives (no kidding [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] )

    RAID 0 does only stripping- parallel writing/reading on/from two or four drives. It\'s the fastest one, splitting the data between discs, in case of a one disc crash all data (on both discs) may be lost.
    RAID 1 does only mirroring- parallel writing of the same data on both discs. In case of a one disc crash the second will serve as a backup.
    RAID 0+1 (10) does all of the above with four drives, 2 for stripping and 2 for mirroring (backup). Works best when all the drives have the same characteristics.
    JBOD just connects all the discs into one volume, serving as one big disc, even in DOS. In case one of the connected discs crashes, all data on all discs may be lost.

    What motherboard are you going to buy? Some of them have already RAID integrated, in this case you don\'t need the additional card, using it with such a mainboard might even cause problems.
    BTW:I have great experience with ASUS motherboards.

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    Re: My Turn to Build A PC

    All suggestions are correct. My rig has an Abit IT7-Max3 (has advanced cooling), RAID, SATA and more.

    Use PC3200 dual channel memory (Kingston or Crucial is fine....both lifetime warranty, no need to spend extra for Corsair.) P4/2.6 or 2.8mhz is more than adequate, the 3.0 will cost a couple hundred extra and will not benefit you.

    Do use at least 2 120gb drives (I like Seagate or Western Digital) RAID 0 is OK if you backup to something (though you can always reload the samples if necessary). Save the data somewhere else.

    Video card is not as crucial in a Giga rig but these days you can get a 128mb card for 70 or 80 bucks so why not.

    Your I/O should be quality, for reliability if nothing else. I use a MOTU 2408 but any of the recommendations on Tascam\'s website will do. Go with someone that has a history of good tech support (it aint MOTU by the way), since you\'ll surely have driver and config issues in the PC world more than MAC.

    Above all, your case should be VERY WELL ventilated. All this horsepower really generates excess heat.

    You may have known some of this already....but just trying to help. Good lucl!


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    Re: My Turn to Build A PC


    I do all of my shopping at www.ZipZoomFly.com

    I find them to be the best on prices when one builds a PC from the case up. Many of their components are 2 Day Shipped Free.

    Alan Russell

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    Re: My Turn to Build A PC

    k Ok after getting some basic direction earlier today. here is what I have planned. Man i tyhought this would be cheap. LOL

    DFI Lan Party Pro875B Motherboard (Intel Chipset)
    Has Onboard raid with IDE and SATA and gigabit ethernet. Fanless

    Intel P4 2.8Ghz with Hyperthreading

    2 GB Memory PC3200

    Radeon 9200 SE Video Card

    Spark 7+ CPU Cooler

    2 maxtor 200 GB Hard Drives (SATA Raid)
    1 Maxtor 80 Gb ATA133 Main Drive
    1 Case fan (24dbA)
    1 Case Slot Fan

    What yall think????

    I start buying Friday

    I like the DFI board cuz everything I want is in it. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] So when they get rewire over LAN working right I have gigabit connect on my mac and on the PC

    Came to about 1280.00 for everything.

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    Re: My Turn to Build A PC

    Good price. I built mine with a little less stuff than yours about 6 months ago and paid about the same. Good luck


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    Re: My Turn to Build A PC

    That MB looks nice. Good layout, no fan, good features. Double check some of the reviews and make sure that it\'s been stable in their tests - especially with all of the RAM slots filled (not all MBs handle that well). If it passes that, it\'s a winner.

    If low noise is important, check if that video card has a fan. If so, look for another.

    Again for noise, consider a Zalman heatsink:

    And for more quiet, consider Fortron for your power supply:

    There\'s a link to a Tom\'s Hardware review on that page. That supply is 350 W. They make stronger supplies too.

    The Maxtor drives are good. The new ones have fliud drive bearings.

    Finally, when you get it together, check the temperature of your CPU and MB. If they\'re low enough (like under 50 degrees C), try it without the case fans. No need to add more noise, if it\'s not that hot in the first place.

    Also, space your hard drives so they don\'t heat soak one another.

    Have fun!

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    Re: My Turn to Build A PC

    Consider if fan noise is important to you. If so, get a MB with no fan. Gigabit seems to feature their fan. Asus goes fanless. I don\'t know about Abit.

    I like Asus. They\'re not all that expensive, and they have what I\'m looking for: no fan, stable in magazine tests, great features, nice layout, Gigabit LAN.

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