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Topic: RAM Dilemma

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    RAM Dilemma

    In Giga Studio\'s performance, is it worth buying higher speed \"dual channel\" ram, or would I not necessarily get the \'bang\' for my buck?

    I don\'t want to end up with a dinosaur, but on the other hand, I don\'t want to spend extra on what I don\'t need. This computer will be solely Giga.


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    Re: RAM Dilemma

    RAM is one thing that always worth investing. DDR is the newest kind of it and you won´t regret if you use it - problably if you buy DIM , because this one is slower and is getting forgotten by motherboard developers.
    Also , DDR2 is coming!!!

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    Re: RAM Dilemma

    ... is it worth buying higher speed \"dual channel\" ram
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">definitely yes - it speeds up loading gig files significantly

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