in the MakeMusic Garritan forum, for the benefit of those who don't frequent that space, this was posted yesterday.

We’re pleased to announce the release of a brand new help center! This platform includes new ways to discuss both the direction and use of our products:

Feature Requests - Have an idea for a new feature? Share it here and vote for others.

General Discussion - Ask questions to knowledgeable experts and share your expertise with others.

Our Customer Success team will be actively participating in our new help center - We hope to create a more transparent view into product development and foster helpful discussion related to the use of our products.

You’ll notice that there are some key differences between our user Communities and existing forums. Most notably, to attach .musx or other file types to a post you’ll need to create a shareable link using a cloud sharing service such as Dropbox or Google Drive. We look forward to hearing your feedback about our new platform and encourage you to tell us which features you’d like to see!

Adam W.
Customer Success
I requested that it be forwarded here, but that hasn't happened.

I shall let others comment before I chip in with my opinion.
Finale users who use their forum will already have seen many comments.

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