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Topic: Gigastudio, Sonar 3, and my 1010LT

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    Gigastudio, Sonar 3, and my 1010LT

    I\'m still messing with my new gear, so I\'m still having problems.

    Something seems different with my 1010LT card. Whenever Gigastudio is open, or Sonar 3, or anything together or individually....no other sound on my computer works. My Audiophile didn\'t have this problem. I could play Winamp or Windows Media Player at the same time, and still hear my sequencer playback. What\'s going on? Should I deselect a driver to use? Is it Sonar doing it?

    I also can\'t seem to route Gigastudio to Sonar for some reason. I thought this was easy. EWQLSO runs fine inside Sonar, but for Gigastudio, I can\'t get any sample playback. Input is Omni, Output is Port 1, and Channel is 1.....nothing. No sound. Actually, I think I got Gigastudio playing ONCE through Sonar, but I couldn\'t play the samples through the same outputs as EWQLSO was using. QLSO was through my headphones, and Gigastudio was through my main speakers. I know that can be fixed somehow. Please help if you can. Thanks!

    *I\'m such a newbie...GOD*


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    Re: Gigastudio, Sonar 3, and my 1010LT

    Jared, let me preface this by revealing that I do not own a 1010LT, so I cannot speak from direct experience. That said, I do have some theories.

    Your first issue sounds familiar--my US-428 is the same way. I haven\'t really delved into it too much, but I\'m thinking that it\'s a multi-client issue. In the audio settings for your 1010 there should be a multi-client checkbox.

    The other problem sounds a bit like the first, along with monitoring issues. I\'d check your monitoring/routing settings. My brain\'s not allowing me to get more specific: it\'s 4:30am here, I just woke up and have a long haul of a day ahead of me. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    If/when I get more coherent, I\'ll add to this. Good luck in the meantime.

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