Fruity cargo cult Apple has decided to weaponise some of its driving technology.
The outfit has just scored a patent on a “steering device” on large vehicles with pivot joints to help them turn. While the idea is commonplace, Apple has tried to patent its use in a “war situation”.
It all seems a bit weird. In fact the US Patent and Trademark Office granted the patent originally to BAE Systems Hägglunds Aktiebolag, a Swedish subsidiary of the huge global defence company which makes a little more sense. However somehow Jobs’ Mob has got in on it. Neither BAE or Apple are saying anything so we are just left guessing.
The invention is designed to better connect and steer two compartments of a vehicle inside a special “ballistic protection” enclosure. It is a bit similar to the Swedish Army’s Bandvagn 202, an all-terrain truck which is two different vehicles tied together.
The new tech will help steer the front and back units simultaneously.
So why is Jobs’ Mob going to war? The theory is that this sort of tech is designed first for defence departments but might be adapted for civilian purposes later. So it could be used to drive an Apple Truck or Bus which we personally find more horrifying than a weapon designed by Jobs’ Mob.