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Topic: Help - Building my first PC

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    Help - Building my first PC

    I am trying to build a second pc as a fxteleport system for QLSO Gold for as cheap as possible. Nothing fancy, but this is the first time I\'ve considered building it myself and choosing the parts.

    I am in dire need of help from you computer building experts [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] , to help me determine if I\'ve picked a wrong part. Especially worried I picked the wrong cpu, ram or HD for my motherboard. The miniATX case I got comes with a 250W power supply, is this enough?

    Also I need to connect two computers via 10/100 LAN for fxteleport (not going with gigabit network for now). Is the crossover cable -cat 5e cable I chose the correct one?

    Am I missing any other cables or anything? Also do I need the thermal paste? Quite confusing for a first time builder. [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] Thanks.

    Case - AHANIX Black Micro-ATX Case, Model X119

    Motherboard -Shuttle nForce2 IGP Chipset Motherboard for AMD Socket A CPU, Model \"MN31N

    CPU - AMD Athlon XP 2500+ \"Barton\", 333 FSB

    CPU Fan/Heatsink combo - Zalman CNPS6000-Cu Pure Copper CPU Cooler for Socket A/370

    Thermal Paste - Arctic Silver\'s NEW Premium Silver Polysynthetic Thermal Compound

    RAM - Crucial 184 Pin 512MB DDR PC-2700

    Hard Drive - Seagate 80GB 7200RPM IDE Hard Drive

    DVD - Sony 16x DVD

    Cat5e Crossover Cable

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    Re: Help - Building my first PC

    I looked at your list and what you picked would get the job done but personally I have a preferrence for different items. The motherboard I would pick is a little more, $10 I think, but it includes 4 SATA ports. Then I would get a 80 GB SATA HDD which is the same price as the other you chose except this one has 8mb buffer and much better performance with the SATA. I don\'t think you would like that case very much...it seems like it could be noisy and cramped so I picked an Antec case that has 2 120mm fans and it is a bit less expensive...that way it is very quite and it has a 350 watt PS, which does make a difference IMO. I added an inexpensive video card and different memory that should be higher performing for the same price and a different heat sink...I think the one you picked has issues with being difficult to install. It is just my opinion but I do build systems all the time and these are components I was personally going to buy for my next PC. Oh, and you should not need thermal paste...the heatsink will probably come with it pre-applied to its bottom.
    And a crossover cable is what you need for linking two PC\'s directly together. And a 2500 Barton processor should have good performance.

    Here are my choices:









    I hope that helps.

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    Re: Help - Building my first PC

    These do look like much better options. Thanks Edward!

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    Re: Help - Building my first PC

    Be very careful about the motherboard you choose. I go either Asus or Gigabyte.

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    Re: Help - Building my first PC

    Originally posted by nt:
    These do look like much better options. Thanks Edward!
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">No problem...IMO, the DFI motherboard looks great...you can read all the great user reviews on the board from newegg, there site has up to date drivers and bios. ASUS does make great boards too, very easy to install with the BIOS settings, and there may be some that are comparably priced but the inclusion of 4 SATA ports sold me on the DFI board...ASUS for the same price might only have 2. I\'ve had less luck with Gigabyte boards but overall I hear good things about them...ABIT also makes decent boards. Still, I stand by my selection...I don\'t think you could go wrong with it.


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    Re: Help - Building my first PC

    Does the mb and sata HD come with all the cables to make the connection? Also is there any difference in terms of installing SATA HDs over standard ones?

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    Re: Help - Building my first PC

    It looks like the MB comes with 2 SATA cables...each one connects to only one HDD each. The extra 2 SATA ports would need additional cables. Installation is the same... pretty much just plug and go...DVD rom would go into IDE port 1 or 2...Windows should install fine. Also, the motherboard, judging from the pictures, comes with the power adapter plug for the SATA HDD to accomodate 2 drives.

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    Re: Help - Building my first PC

    Zalman includes the thermal paste. No problem there.

    I noticed that your first MB choice had a fan. Try to avoid that. Asus is fan-free. Not sure about the others.

    I use a Radeon 9000 non-pro video card. Also no fan. It\'s a bit old now. I\'m not sure which video cards are fanless today.

    I\'ve now built five AMD systems with somewhat similar specs. No case fan is needed as long as the case is reasonably large and it has access to cool air. (Don\'t put it in a cramped, poorly ventilated area.)

    The Maxtor drive is good. Same with Seagate. They use fluid drive bearings.

    I use the 300W Fortron supply. Tom\'s hardware rated it at 390W!!! Drives my AMD machines just fine.

    I use the same Zalman heatsink. The only hassle is that you have to mess with the fan when you change PCI cards. It\'s worth it though.

    I put the Zalman on one PC with a 500MHz AMD chip, and I found that I didn\'t even need the fan! The heatsink alone did the trick. (The older AMDs didn\'t have a thermal sensor, but I found that the base of the heatsink was just barely warm to the touch.) The only fan in the whole case was the Fortron power supply. It\'s been running like this for just over a year.

    Quiet PCs are good. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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