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Topic: Choosing the right soundcard...

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    Choosing the right soundcard...

    I bought the Delta 44 awhile ago and I have a crappy Sb Live! card in my pc I plan on doing the recording in. I am guessing that I will need to get another soundcard for the recording pc I can spend $300-500 for it. But the thing I don\'t understand is how to record with digital quality over analog outputs (would I need another soundcard with analog ins to get the best quality)??? If anyone can recommend something that would be great.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Choosing the right soundcard...

    Why not just use the existing Delta 44 for recording, or will you record in another location? Generally, when I\'m recording, I\'m not doing anything else. With a LAN, you can then move the recorded audio clips wherever you want.

    I assume that you will want to record from a microphone. You will need one of three things:

    * A preamp (you can spend a bomb for \"the sound\")
    * A mixer with preamps (cheap, but can be noisy)
    * A new audio card with preamps (low noise, but not necessarily \"the sound\")

    In the first two cases, you connect to your Delta 44 or new soundcard. In the third case it\'s all in one. Make sure that the preamp supports phantom power, in case your mics require it.

    Best of luck.

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    Re: Choosing the right soundcard...

    The delta 44 is the primary card which will be playing the midi sequence and I have tried to record on the same pc and I get way too many pops and clicks and dropouts with every option I tried. So I had to buy another pc. On the recording pc I would like digital quality, I am guessing I will need a soundcard with s/pdif ins and outs???

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Choosing the right soundcard...

    Even the low-cost cards have s/pdif, but I think you will want analog inputs. It all depends on what you will record: microphones? a guitar/bass from a direct box? something else?

    If it\'s a microphone, then it\'s analog by nature. At some point it will be analog, at some point there\'s an A/D converter and at some point it goes into your PC. There are a few solutions - some internal, some external, some a combination.

    Another question is about your budget. There is very good equipment at low prices, and there is exceptional equipment at exceptional prices!

    Also, do you already have your mics? And what will you record? Do you want a warm, lush sound? Then you want tubes (expensive). If you want a pristine sound, then you want solid-state.

    There are many solutions for many goals and budgets.

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    Re: Choosing the right soundcard...

    I will not be using mics at all! I should\'ve said this in my first post, I am recording midi from one pc to the next.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Choosing the right soundcard...

    Ahh. This will be very inexpensive. You can even use software for this feature.

    Please explain your overall system, for instance:

    * Keyboard MIDI into PC #1.
    * Sequencer on PC #1
    * MIDI from PC #1 to PC #2
    * Giga on PC #2

    If I know the context, then I should be able to give some good advice.

    BTW, I do the above scenario and more, yet I only have one MidiSport 1x1 interface. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Choosing the right soundcard...

    Thanks again for the reply Jon.

    As for the setup:

    M-Audio Delta 44, Gigastudio, samples and Cakewalk on pc 1
    SB Live! and Soundforge on pc 2

    As of now I have pc 1 routed to pc 2 via audio cables. I am not sending any midi data etc to either pc. Delta 44 is using 1/4 inch cables and the SB Live only has 1/8 inch connectors. I probably should replace the SB Live! with perhaps a MAudio Audiophile 2496 or another soundcard. But then it would be Delta 44 analog to 2496 s/pdif.

    I need to get a midisport or something to hook up my midi keyboard since neither soundcard has midi input/output. I am sure there is a better way to hook these up, I need some guidance however.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Choosing the right soundcard...

    The simplest solution is to get a MidiSport 1x1 and use it to connect the keybaord to PC 1. Then record into Cakewalk.

    If you get pops, then you can move Cakewalk to PC 2 and use MidiOverLan to send the MIDI from PC to PC.

    This is pretty much the base setup that I use with good success.

    * Keyboard -> Giga PC
    * Keyboard MIDI from Giga PC -> Sequencer PC using MOL
    * Cakewalk MIDI from Seq. PC -> Giga PC using MOL

    This way I can run the keyboard directly into Giga with only one PC, if I want. I can also use two PCs and go through the sequencer. Very handy.

    If you have other questions, just ask.

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    Re: Choosing the right soundcard...

    Is it the midi sequences you have in Cakewalk that you want to record into audio?

    I don\'t understand what\'s on PC2 that you\'d want to record. Everything you\'d probably want to capture is on PC 1. and PC 1 has the capability to get your midi to audio.

    Just use Giga capture then with a network transfer the .wav into PC 2.

    also some soundcards offer the ability to \'Record what you hear\' or record the \'monitor signal\'. You could do that right into a cakewalk audio stereo or mono track.

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