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Topic: Digital Video Issues!!

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    Digital Video Issues!!

    I\'m hoping someone can help me.

    I have a mac (g4 400) who\'s only purpose is to digitize video and play it back in Pro Tools.
    I use a Sony DVMC-DA2 as my converter, which plays into imovie.
    This has always worked great in OS 9.
    Now I\'m in Panther. I consistantly loose approx. 1 frame every 5 minutes or so. By the end of a 20 minutes reel, I\'ve lost 4 or 5 frame.
    I have confirmed this is NOT a drift issue. The video physically looses the frames (for example - :24 jumps to :26)

    Can anyone help me?


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    Re: Digital Video Issues!!

    If it dropped two frames per minute, I\'d say there was a conflict between the media and the machine regarding drop-frame and non-drop-frame SMPTE timecode. I\'ve no idea why it would lose a frame every five minutes.


    You might go to the http://www.dv.com community pages and ask there. Lots of Mac video people online. Besides, the editor of the magazine wrote about doing away with the \"letters to the editor\" section, since forums and newsgroups are so much more dynamic and have a faster response. Might as well go along with the magazine editor\'s suggestion!

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    Re: Digital Video Issues!!

    I\'ll give the DV.com a try. Thanks.

    My issue isn\'t a drop/non-drop problem. That would be the case if the video was gradually drifting, with the result being a frame off.
    My DV files will have physical frames missing randomly.

    If anyone has any other thoughts I\'d apprieciate it.

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    Re: Digital Video Issues!!

    It could be because your computer is choking at certain points. I\'m on the PC, and have had that problem in the past. I use Vegas to capture, and it tells me when frames were dropped.

    On the PC I did a number of tweaks to remove the overhead and I disabled threads that could interfere with real-time processing (things like checking to start a screensaver, and checking the CD-ROM regularly to see if a disk was inserted.)

    I don\'t have a Mac, but similar stuff could intermittently affect your performance. I\'m just surprised that iMovie doesn\'t give you a status report after the capture.

    Best of luck!

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