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Topic: which RAM which processor exactly???

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    which RAM which processor exactly???

    I have decided to go for an Asus P4C800 E-Deluxe MBO. BUT I am seriously confused regarding what type of RAM & processor to use.

    see the PROCESSORS. I don\'t understand what FSB is. better take a 533 Mhz or?: available there is:

    Intel P4 3,06GHz 533MHz Boxed
    Northwood / inkl. Kühler / 533 MHZ

    Intel P4 3,00GHz 800MHz Boxed
    Northwood 512kB Cache / 200/800 MHZ
    inkl. Kühler / Hyper Threading

    Intel P4 2,8GHz 800MHz FSB Boxed
    inkl. Kühler / 800MHZ FSB / BOXED
    200/800 MHZ FSB / Hyper Threading

    ANY OTHER???

    see the RAM. I read that one should get PC 3200 Dual Channel Ram (is it equal to PC400???): but there is so much with different naming to choose from. I am completely lost: (can I use any of those???):

    512MB DDRRAM Infineon Orig. PC400
    CL3 / Infineon Originalware / PC 3200
    10 Jahre Garantie / 512 MB DDR-RAM
    Modell: HYS64D64320GU-5-B / Doublesided
    Kompatibel zu Intel Chips und Via KT800

    512MB DDRRAM Infineon PC400 CL3
    Infineon 3d // CL3 / 2 Jahre Garantie
    200/400 MHZ / PC 3200 /
    Infineonchips auf Drittherstellerplatine

    512MB DDRRAM Kingston PC400 ECC Reg.
    PC 3200 / PC 400 / ECC registered

    512MB DDRRAM Corsair PC400 CL2 C2
    PC 3200/ 32Mx8 unbuffered / 400 MHZ DDR
    CM-X512-3200C2 / CL 2-3-3-6-T1

    512MB DDRRAM Corsair PC400 ECC Reg.
    PC 3200 // ECC registered

    12MB DDRRAM Corsair PC400 LL
    Modell: (CMX512-3200LL) Low Latency
    CL 2-3-2-6-T1 / PC 400(3200) /

    512MB DDRRAM Corsair TWINX-LL PC400
    TWINX512-3200LL / 2 x 256 MB Module
    PC 3200 (400) CL2-3-2-6-1T Low Latency
    getestet für Dual-Channel Modus !!!

    512MB DDRRAM Corsair VS PC400 CL2,5
    Corsair ValueSelect
    CORSAIR Value Select 400, PC400, CL2.5

    512MB DDRRAM TwinMos DualPack PC400
    Dual Channel Kit 2x 256 MB / CL 2
    200/400 MHZ / PC 3200 / 2,5-2,7V/

    512MB DDRRAM TwinMos DualTwister PC400
    Dual Channel Kit 2x 256 MB / CL 2
    TwinMos Twister /
    200/400 MHZ / PC 3200 / 2,5-2,7V/

    512MB DDRRAM TwinMos PC400 CL2,5
    Twin Mos Speichermodule PC 3200 / CL2,5
    200/400 MHZ - ohne Kühlrippen

    512MB DDRRAM TwinMos Twister PC400
    TwinMos Twister PC 3200 CL2 / PC 400
    incl. Heatspreader /

    512MB DDRRAM TwinMos Winbond PC400 CH-5
    Winbond Chips / CL2,5 / 5ns / CH-5
    PC 3200 Speicher (PC 400) 200/400 MHZ
    Sehr hochwertig und Übertaktungsfreudig
    Modell: W9451GCDB-5/ Chip: W942508CH-5
    Kompatibel zu VIA KT 800 und Intel Chips

    thanks for any thoughts on the subject


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    Re: which RAM which processor exactly???

    Go with the 800 Mhz FSB \"Front Side Bus\" That is the speed from the processor to the memory I believe...Faster is better...As for the processor stay with a 2.8 or 3 GHZ no need to spend more for a small performance gain...even the 2.4c GHZ 800 FSB is a strong processor and a great deal...I think about $165.00

    As for memory the Corsair is a good brand...buy the extreme if you can afford it...basically means it has better timing/higher performance...CLS2 or 2.5 is good...CLS3 and your getting into bargain chips. Don\'t spend more than $120 per 512MB chip...you should be able to find good deals for under $100...PC3200 is the same as DDR400 which would support the full FSB speed of the P4...you can get faster memory PC3500+ but only if you plan to overclock. I hope that helps. Also, do you need 4 SATA on the ASUS board...it is a bit high priced...you might consider the ASUS P4P800 which only has 2 SATA ports and costs considerably less. And don\'t forget a quality heatsink. Here are some links to some suggested items:









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    Re: which RAM which processor exactly???

    Thanks very much Edward. this will save me a serious amount of money. Regarding the heatseaker. Isn\'T the heatseaker delivered with the CPU enough?

    thanks very much again

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    Re: which RAM which processor exactly???

    The P4 2.8c GHz processor is the best price point at this time. Do get the boxed retail version as it is only a few dollars more and has a 3 year warranty. I\'m using PC3200 CL2.5 memory by KingMax that was quite highly rated over some of the more expensive memory and only cost $71 per 512 MB chip a month ago. I purchased 2 GB worth. Performance has been great.

    With the money saved you can buy some quiet PC components such as a quiet power supply and CPU fan. The fan included with the boxed CPU is quite noisy. I\'m using a Zalman fan on my system and you can\'t hear the thing. I\'m using a Nexus power supply. My PC is barely audible besides being a great performer.

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    Re: which RAM which processor exactly???

    The stock heatsink will do fine but it is a bit noisy. Generally the CPU fan creates the most noise in a PC system because of the high RPM\'s...A better heatsink would be made of solid copper with good air flow allowing the fan to be run at lower RPM\'s thus lower noise. If noise isn\'t an issue for you then save the money, but most of us strive for the silent PC...no need have the obtrusive PC fan noise upsetting the purity of your mix. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Most CPU fans or any PC fan will give you a db rating on noise. Generally larger case or power supply fans, like a 120mm fan, will help reduce noise...just make sure they are variable speed or stock at low RPM\'s like 1700-2500 as opposed to 5400. Nothing worse than having a PC that sounds like a vacuum cleaner. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: which RAM which processor exactly???

    Thanks guys. I start building end of the month...
    warm regards

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