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Topic: Connecting Multiple PCs running MidiOverLan

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    Connecting Multiple PCs running MidiOverLan

    I\'m planning a multiple computer setup with Gigastudio and would like some input on mixers and/or connectivity.

    I\'ll be using three computers connected via a gigabit switch and MidiOverLan. The sequencer PC will have a RME 9632, and the two Gigastudio computers will have M-Audio 2496\'s.

    SO... my question is, once I get the MIDI data transfering over ethernet to the gigacomputers, how to I get the audio BACK into the Sequencing computer to record with the 9632?... I don\'t want to use an external recording unit. I read a lot about \"lightpipes\" but I don\'t know what those are or if they are supported by the sound cards... Could I just take all the audio output an run it through an inexpensive mixer, like the Mackie 1202VLZ, and then go out back to the 9632 inputs to record?

    I would love to keep everything digital, but the digital mixers look very expensive and the Audiophile 2496 cards only have analog out it appears...

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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    Re: Connecting Multiple PCs running MidiOverLan

    Audiophile 2496 got SPDIF - digital output

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    Re: Connecting Multiple PCs running MidiOverLan

    In the future there will be a wrapper available that will allow it to work using FxTeleport. That will handle MIDI and audio over Gigabit Ethernet. I\'m using FxTeleport with the GPO plug-in over 100Base-T, but things go bad when I try to run a browser at the same time. Gigabit should have the bandwidth to handle it 100%.

    But for now you can capture to wave and move files (that\'s what I do) or you can connect soundcards. analog, S/PDIF and analog connections are the main options. The type and number of connections depends upon what you want to spend.

    All the best...

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    Re: Connecting Multiple PCs running MidiOverLan

    Lightpipe is just another word for the ADAT standard - an eight-channel digital interface.

    You don\'t need a mixer in between your PCs. If you get two soundcards, each with an ADAT port on, then you can simply connect the two ADAT ports together and stream up to eight channels of audio between the PCs.

    The good thing is that ADAT-only soundcards don\'t need to be expensive, because the main expensive thing in making soundcards is the a/d and d/a converters, and if you\'re only outputting digitally then there are no converters. You might want to check out the RME range, and there is also a pretty cheap ADAT-only card from Marian.

    I use a similar system, but using the TDIF interface (the same idea - eight channel digital, but developed by Tascam). I have a Soundscape Mixtreme card in each PC, and each card has 2 TDIF ports on. So I can actually stream 16 channels at once from one PC to the other. These cards are dirt cheap now second hand and very reliable.

    In the near future, I\'d say Gigabit LAN is going to make all this redundant, and we\'ll just stream everything we need to over the network. The only problem is that we don\'t know yet how this is going to work in GS3, GS3 won\'t be out till April (read: June/July) and then the bugs will need to be ironed out, people will need to see how the included technology works with their sequencers etc. So I don\'t see streaming over LAN being a useful primary technology until maybe next year.

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    Re: Connecting Multiple PCs running MidiOverLan

    Thank you for the replies and suggestions. If I have 2-4 slave Gigastudio computers, how do they all connect to the main computer. In looking at the RME 9632, it only has 1 ADAT IN (though it does support 8 channels), so it seems like you need something like a ADAT \"hub\" that can collect all the information from the Giga computers and relay it to the main computer through only one cable. Maybe the 9652 would be a better option with more ADAT ports... but then you loose the analog out to go to a mixer and speakers. How is everyone connecting their 3+ computers together with ADAT? Thanks again!


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    Re: Connecting Multiple PCs running MidiOverLan

    HI, where can I buy one of those Mixtreme cards with T-diff?



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