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Topic: tower as "rackmount"???

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    tower as "rackmount"???

    Me again,

    o.k. I have bought an Antec Sonata but actually deslike a PC standing beside my table. Is there any problem to putting it on the side (horizontally)??? I wonder if this damages any drives: Harddisk, DVD-player???

    thankx in advance


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    Re: tower as "rackmount"???

    I\'ve seen some folks mount a HD on the side of the case (i.e. vertically rather than horizontally), and the same is true of DVD drives. I\'m betting there\'s two arms in a DVD/CD which grab the disc from inside the ring.

    FWIW, my DVD can go either horizontal or vertical. I don\'t think that\'ll be an issue.

    And I want an Antec Sonata as well. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: tower as "rackmount"???

    Thank you for answering O Boy (both questions of mine). Yep: this Antec Sonata looks fine. What I especially like is the easy layout for installing hard disks. So simple. Mine should arrive tomorrow...

    Take care


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