This is an issue which has just recently cropped up. After running GS for a while, it stops responding to MIDI data. When I switch over to the machine to see what\'s going on, the OS response time is atrocious--something on the order of three or four seconds to respond to each mouse click and/or keypress. The only programs I have running are GS160 and Mattias Henningson\'s GS Load Time Optimizer.

I have done some registry tweaking in the past; however, it seems to have started when I installed the FX Teleport trial on both my controller machine & the GS machine. I\'m going to try removing the FX Teleport install and see if that helps any.

This is just a weird behavior. Oh, and for the record here\'s my GS machine\'s setup:

Asus A7V266 MB
AMD Athlon XP 1800+
30GB HD running Win 2k (SP4)
2x60GB HD in a RAID array (.gig repository)

I\'ll keep y\'all posted.