I have a second system running Giga on a PC with a Frontier wavecenter pci, and am using DP with an audiomedia III card on the Mac (OSX). The audio comes back through the SPDIF on the wavecenter through the AMIII for monitoring. There are no analog outs on the pci, so it\'s the only way to monitor. the delay is unbearable. I can\'t get the buffer settings on the AMIII with core audio any less than 512 which is where the problem seems to lie. The lower buffer sizes are grayed out. Any suggestions or workarounds, or am I just in need of a different IO for the Mac. Don\'t have any problems on a slower machine with my 888/24. the machine in question is a dual 1.25 G4, so I know it\'s not the processor.
Thanks in advance.