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Topic: New Pentium 4 - Prescott

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    New Pentium 4 - Prescott

    Intel just released (2nd february) the new Pentium 4 3,4Ghz. This is the current prices in USA:
    P4 2,8 GHz Prescott - US$ 178
    P4 3 GHz Prescott - US$ 218
    P4 3,2 GHz Prescott - US$ 278
    P4 3,4 GHz Prescott - US$ 417 (em março)
    P4 3,4 GHz Northwood - US$ 417
    P4 3,4 GHz Extreme Edition - US$ 999
    More info: http://www.intel.com/pressroom/archive/releases/20040202comp.htm

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    Re: New Pentium 4 - Prescott

    Yes, interesting. I thought that \"Moore\'s law\" was at a standstill for once.... no increase in processor power for the past 8 months, I believe.

    I have read at these forums that hyperthreading does not help Gigastudio work any better, and in fact, needs to be turned off. So.... are these faster processors of any help at all for sample processing?


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    Re: New Pentium 4 - Prescott

    Tests made in labs showed that Extreme Edition and Northwood have the same performance. Actually , Extreme Edition (newer technology) was about 5% faster than Northwood , witch means just a litle difference.
    Let´s see how Prescott will be!!!

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