Tsar Putin’s state anti-monopoly watchdog FAS said that it had not reached an out of court settlement with Google over the Android operating system.
The watchdog last week imposed a $6.85 million fine on Google after ruling last year that the firm was abusing its dominance by requiring the pre-installation of certain applications on mobile devices using Android.
The fine followed a complaint by Russia’s Yandex computer mega-company. Google had appealed the ruling while FAS said an out-of court deal was possible should Google admit to violations of antitrust laws and pay a fine.
“The talks with Google on the issue of the settlement agreement have come to nothing. Now it’s up to the court to draw a line under this case,” Interfax quoted Elena Zaeva, head of FAS’s Department for Regulation of Telecommunications and Information Technology, as saying.
Zaeva was quoted as saying a court would hear Google’s appeal later today.