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Topic: 2 soundcards 1 computer???

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    Re: 2 soundcards 1 computer???

    You should be able to run 2 cards in one computer. For a while, I had a RME 96/8 PAD and a Motu 828mk2 running on the same computer.

    I used the lightpipe to sync my cards together. The Motu took the audio from the RME and it has zero latency monitoring so this was not a factor.

    I\'m not sure what the emulator x system has in this regard but you should definitely sync them if you\'re planning on running them simultaneously.

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    2 soundcards 1 computer???

    Hi again,
    I think about getting the new emu emulator x soundcard/sample system. I wonder if one can use two soundcards inside one computer. I thought about setting one for midi-stuff (reducing the latency with the buffer settings as much as possible) & the other (Delta 66) for audio output. But. Is this possible? And would one connect the emu digital output with the Delta digital input for monitoring (does this add to latency and make recording \"in sync\" more difficult?). Would one have to sync the two soundcards in any way or is that not necessary? thankx in advance

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