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Topic: Zaman TNN 500 -- no noise computer?

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    Zaman TNN 500 -- no noise computer?

    Has anyone acquired the Zaman TNN 500A and used it with Gigasampler? I can\'t find it for sale, but Tom\'s Hardware concludes it is an acceptable, albeit pricey ($1,400 just for a case), solution for noiseless computing.


    Zaman\'s USA site, they are a Korean company, has nothing informative about this other than they have a new product.

    I\'m hoping to use Gigastudio in a performance setting, 2 keyboards with 4 players, and this looks like it could be the ticket to a mobile/noiseless solution, I just wish it were not so expensive.

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    Re: Zaman TNN 500 -- no noise computer?

    Well, I think the solution fits to 100% noiseless but its too expensive, since you can get a 90% noiseless solution at about $250:
    If you use a Pentium 4 up to 2.8 GHz, you can get an NCU1000 Cooler http://www.tsheatronics.co.jp/zen/htmls/img/NCU-1000-E20030214.pdf

    and a Silentmaxx proSilence fanless power supply.


    I have tested a system build on that and was very pleased. I wait for GS3 and see what specs it needs, so I may go with the noiseless solution above on all GS machines.

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    Re: Zaman TNN 500 -- no noise computer?

    John, you mentioned \"mobile\". The Zalman case doesn\'t look so mobile to me.

    The solution that Markus mentioned looks wonderful. A 4 rack unit case would be nice for mobile. The cooler looks a bit fragile for a mobile rig though. You might bring a standard CPU cooler as a backup, in case the NCU1000 spews its guts!

    Oh yeah, the cooler is really made for a tower, so it can convect the heat. It\'s not really made for a rack mount case.

    But I like the overall idea!

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