Republican candidate Donald Trump has hired security outfit CrowdStrike after claiming his campaign has been hacked just like the Democrats.
But while the Democrats were almost certainly hacked by Trump’s allies in the Kremlin, it is less clear how significant the Republican hack really was. The US press claims that the “tools and techniques” used to hack Republican targets resemble those employed in attacks on Democratic Party organisations, including the DNC and Clinton’s campaign organisation. The implication is that the Russians were also spying on Trump.
Apparently one Trump staff member’s email account was infected with malware in 2015 and sent malicious emails to colleagues. It was unclear whether or not the hackers actually gained access to campaign computers. So basically any hacker who uses email to get into a system is hired by the Kremlin, which does not sound very logical.
The Trump campaign has hired security firm CrowdStrike, which also is assisting the Democratic National Committee. The company declined to comment.
Two US security officials said the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security have offered assistance to both political parties in identifying possible intrusions and upgrading their defenses against what one of the officials called “constantly evolving threats.”