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Topic: Garritan Christmas etc.

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    Garritan Christmas etc.

    Believe it or not, I'm working to my 2017 submission, "Epiphany".
    Arrigo Beyle / Milanese / Lived, wrote, loved -- Stendhal
    Being Italian is a full-time job -- B. Severgnini

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    Re: Garritan Christmas etc.

    Hello Fabio,

    Great news Fabio, that you're planning on being on-board for our next one and that you already have your song underway. Excellent.

    I'll share a little secret with you .. I've started on mine too ..

    Best wishes,

    Patience is a virtue, sensitivity is a gift

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    Re: Garritan Christmas etc.

    I'm really quite glad I got most of my submission for this year done early, because what my employers used to refer to as my time "cycles" have been utterly taken up of late.

    Back in May, I was asked to be the Music Director for a local company's mounting of "Doctor Dolittle" (The Rex Harrison version, not the other one). We go up in mid-November and rehearsals have commenced, three nights a week (it's a semi-pro company with a lot of volunteers in the cast/crew).

    But this is a score for which there is no "Original Cast Recording" to use as reference. The score, by Leslie Bricusse (sometime writing partner of Anthony Newley) was composed "from" the 1967 movie -itself a failure at the box office- in preparation for a Broadway revival in the late 1990's that near as I can tell never quite came to pass. A large re-write was done and performed in London in 2000, but there are Performance Rights Org issues if we mount that one, so we must go with the US version, which as near as I can tell has not been recorded professionally. So there are songs in this score which have never, ever been recorded. They were not in the film, and as I said, there's no "original cast" recording to take advantage of.

    All of which makes for something of a two-edged sword. On the one hand, because pretty much no one knows the music, there are few expectations, and so I am reasonably free to give it my own interpretation. As I said to the producer about a month ago- this is not a show like "the King & I", where whether you give it the old, bald, Yul Brynner "take" or try something else, Brynner will be what the audience will compare it to. He is the standard.

    So that's the one hand. The other is the other side of the lack of "expectations". It means we have to stand on our own, not as a "fair" or "reasonable" version of someone else's production. That's kinda stressful. Regardless, I signed up in late June, thinking that this could be fun.

    Then in early August, we rec'd the scores. It became my task to render a 19-person orchestra down to the six that our budget can afford, even at near-volunteer honoraria.

    So now, I am now a serious hater of Leslie Bricusse.

    The man loves his off-plumb keys, and if he can work out a way to go from 4 flats (F minor) to 7 flats (Ab minor) and back to 6 sharps (D# major)in one four minute number, he'll do it! My instrumentalists will be higher-end students and talented amateurs, most likely, and early on it was decided to try and "rationalize" the key changes as much as I can without risking copyright issues...and oh yeah, only for six players.

    It's been fun. It's been a challenge. But it's been what I've been whacking away at since early August. Tonight, after yet another Production Meeting, I am taking a couple of hours to re-acquaint myself with my contribution to the Christmas Cause, and hopefully it will be ready for production by month's end.... hopefully.

    (It will)

    Meanwhile, back to the salt mines! I will try and surface once a week or so with an update.

    Hope you all enjoyed your summer! Sorry I wasn't around these parts too much!

    Kevin F..

    KM Frye- (SOCAN)
    Music Director- Four Seasons Musical Theatre- 2016

    Bella Vista Studios

    GPO4, JABB3, Garritan World Inst, REAPER, Roland VS2480 DAW

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    Re: Garritan Christmas etc.

    Hello Kevin,

    Many thanks for the update. You do sound incredibly busy there and it's good to read that you're still ontrack to get your song in. Congratulations on being asked to be M.D. for what is turning out to be a challenging and exciting vernture there.

    Like yourself, I too have to start my song early otherwise I would never get it done; so much going on.

    We really do appreciate your commitment and determination and look forward to receiving your song.

    Good luck with your musical.

    Best wishes,

    Patience is a virtue, sensitivity is a gift

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    Re: Garritan Christmas etc.

    Thank you for sharing, Kevin.
    Arrigo Beyle / Milanese / Lived, wrote, loved -- Stendhal
    Being Italian is a full-time job -- B. Severgnini

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