One of the big problemthat keep smartphones from lasting longer is the battery and this problem is forcing users to upgrade long before they really need to.
Once people updated their smartphone every 18 months but it is looking like they are getting less interested now that the changes on each model is small. In the US it’s suggested that nearly half of smartphone users now wait at least three years between upgrades, while data from Gallup suggests more than half wait until their phone stops working or becomes “totally obsolete”.
Sony thinks that it might can fix the battery so that it lasts a bit longer and extend the life of phones.
It is not that the lithium ion cells within smartphones break, but their ability to hold their original amount of charge rapidly diminishes with repeated recharging cycles.
Sony’s new top-end Xperia XZ and Xperia X Compact Android smartphones both have the company’s new battery longevity technology.
Jun Makino, Sony mobile’s senior product marketing manager said that Sony had started learning your charging cycles so that our new Xperia X smartphones only complete charging to 100% when they estimate you’re about to start using them, so that the damage caused by maintaining a battery at 100% is negated.
A battery that’s usually kept at a charge between 20 per cent and 80 per cent of its capacity is much healthier – it’s going to the extremes that wears it out at a faster rate.
The Japanese electronics firm has partnered with Californian adaptive charging company Qnovo to put technology into its Xperia smartphones. This includes the new top-end Xperia XZ and Xperia X Compact, which Sony reckons will double the life of the battery to around four years.
Qnovo’s technology controls the voltage put into the battery at the same time as delaying the full charge, helping to fast charge without damaging the cells.
“Of course, we’d still like it if you bought a new Sony phone, but we realise longevity is a trend and we want to help with battery technology and services on the phone such as the Smart Cleaner and Xperia tips that learn your behaviour and help keep it running like new for longer,” said Makino.