Even after it abandoned the name for its security products, Intel has told John McAfee that he can’t have his name back.
John McAfee wants to put his name on a business again, but Intel says it owns it and has launched its mighty briefs to stop him.
According to court documents, Intel wrote to McAfee’s MGT Capital Investments, telling it not to try changing its name to John McAfee Global Technologies.
Intel gave up on the name in 2014 in in favour of “Intel Security” probably after McAfee’s name appeared rather a lot in the press after he escaped questioning from the Belsize plod over the death of an American neighbour.
Intel said that the brand is still being used in various domains which carry the McAfee name and now Intel’s trying to sell its security business.
Intel counsel Kerry Smith wrote to McAfee saying: “any use of the McAfee name would be likely to dilute the McAfee mark … by reducing its unique association with McAfee and Intel Corporation.@
There is a bit of bad blood between McAfee and the company. McAfee made a video telling people to uninstall the product. He did have a gun in the video.