New leaks from whistle-blower Edward Snowden have lifted the lid on the UK’s use of US intelligence spy techniques.
According to the Intercept the UK’s Menwith Hill base is being used by the US NSA to aid “a significant number of capture-kill operations” across the Middle East and North Africa.
These ops are arranged thanks to powerful eavesdropping technology that can harvest data from more than 300 million emails and phone calls a day.
NSA has pioneered new spying programmes at Menwith Hill to pinpoint the locations of suspected terrorists accessing the internet in remote parts of the world. GHOSTHUNTER and GHOSTWOLF programmes have supported conventional British and American military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
However, they also were used for covert missions in countries where the US has not declared war. NSA employees at Menwith Hill collaborated on a project to help “eliminate” terrorism targets in Yemen.
The documents raise the question about British complicity in US drone strikes and other targeted killing missions. There are some suggestions that some of these attacks violated international laws or constituted war crimes.