A security researcher will be jailed for 20 days after hacking two websites belonging to the Florida state elections department.
David Levin, 31, of Estero, Florida was indicted on three hacking-related charges, pleaded guilty after turning himself in, in early May.
Leven is also the owner of Vanguard Cybersecurity. He will serve his prison sentence during the weekends so he can attend law school during the week. He also received two years of probation.
Coppers had no difficulty finding that Leven was the bloke they were after. He posted details of his hack of Lee County Elections Department on You Tube.
Levin recorded the video with Dan Sinclair, a candidate at the time in the local election’s supervisor race, revealing how easily he hacked the Lee County Elections website.
Police searched his home in February and seized his computers as evidence. Levin confessed to police, revealing that, on December 19, 2015, he illegally accessed the Lee County Elections website, and then on January 4 and 31, 2016, he gained access to the Department the State Elections website as well.
The cyber-security expert says he forwarded a report to the Florida Department of Elections about the issues he discovered in their websites.
Police charged Levin regardless because he didn’t ask for permission before performing the hacks. L
Levin also used credentials he found on one of the websites to access the account of then current Supervisor of Elections, Sharon Harrington.
In court, Levin described the whole incident as a “political stunt.” Sinclair, the person with whom Levin appears in the video detailing the hack, lost the election which made it all pointless.