The dark satanic rumour mill suggests that Microsoft will be withdrawing the Lumia brand by the end of the year.
Vole has a cunning plan to replace it with a brand new Surface Phone and kick start its ailing smartphone business.
Lately Microsoft’s Lumia lineup has shrunk to just four models, and there’s nothing to indicate it’s working on a successor. Vole has removed the link to buy them from its US website. On the retail side, stores have started removing units from display, and are trying to shift remaining stock by offering steep discounts.
Laura Butler, engineering director at Microsoft also made the mistake of tweating the phrase “Surface iPhone. ;-)” on September 6, and “Surface Phone not NOT confirmed. :-)” on September 7.
Microsoft is expected to hold an event in October, where it’s believed it will announce a new Surface all-in-one. This could be when Microsoft announces its new Surface Phone, just in time for Christmas.
The Tame Apple Press is rubbishing the Surface even before it is launched so we expect that any Microsoft attempts to revive its smartphones are doomed before they start. It is a pity really, the windows based operating system powering the phones is rather useful.