The fruity tax dodging iphone maker has a problem with racial and sexual diversity and part of that bothersome thingmight be that it does not really have the social skills to identify what the problem actually is.
This week Apple was cornered by Mic Magazine about its commitment to diversity. At its recent rally to flog the iPhone women spoke for approximately eight minutes; men spoke for 99. Furthermore, most of the women and people of colour who appeared onstage weren’t Apple representatives.
Apple said that there was a “lot of diversity on that stage that reporters don’t recognize”. Unrecognized by you was the fact that we had a gay man, two African-Americans (Instagram and Nike), a Canadian and a British woman, Hannah Catmur.
The two black men were Nike Brand president Trevor Edwards and Instagram head of design Ian Spalter. Who were nothing to do with Apple. Hannah Catmur is head of design at ViewRanger. The aforementioned Canadian is likely Heather Price, also not an Apple employee. She’s a founding partner at Vancouver-based This Game Studio.
What is funny is that Apple considers Canadians and British people as making it ethnically diverse.
Apple did make progress in making more diverse hires, per its public diversity report. It hired 65 percent more women, 50 percent more African-Americans and 66 percent more Latinos in 2014 than in 2013, USA Today reported in 2015.
But Jobs’ Mob is predominantly male and white — 68 percent male and 56 percent white. The ratios change when you focus on Apple’s leadership, which is 72 percent male and 67 percent white.
All this represents a serious problem which is made worse if you think that you can solve it by presenting ethnic minorities and women from outside companies as your own, and thinking that foreign white people are giving you ethnic diversity.