Samsung will starta software upgrade next week to limit the battery charging cap of Galaxy Note 7 to 60 percent which is designed to stop explosions.
The Over-the-Air (OTA) software upgrade will commence on September 20, 10 am in South Korea and it is not really going to solve the battery problem. It is more designed to prevent the not so magnificent seven exploding when users ignore warnings to turn the thing off.
Samsung wants users to return the phone so they can put in a new battery. When the battery overcharges it is more likely to explode, so the software update prevents that. Of course it makes the phone less useful, but it is better being less useful than turning the user into a suicide bomber.
Samsung is in talks with telcos from nine other countries where the phablet is available to deploy a similar software upgrade.
Galaxy Note 7 has a battery capacity of 3,500 mAh, but the forced upgrade will enforce it to 2,100 mAh.
The measure is meant to protect peoplewho are still using the Note 7 despite recommendation to halt use.
When the exchange starts on September 19 in South Korea, the tech giant will also offer to pay parts of the data fee.
Last week, the US government asked owners of Note 7s to immediately power down the phones and halt use.