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Topic: Windows 10 (Again!)

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    Windows 10 (Again!)

    Has anyone tried a tool called "Never 10"?

    This page describes it:


    If you have used it, were you happy with the results? What I am principally concerned with here is a forced upgrade to Windows 10 or unwanted patches to my Windows 7 machine that make it just as bad privacy-wise.


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    Re: Windows 10 (Again!)

    I use one called GWX Control Panel.


    Worked perfectly for me. The guy also makes music apps, though I haven't tried them.

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    Re: Windows 10 (Again!)

    Just saw this on a Windows 7 forum:


    Looks like Microsoft is finally giving up, for now. But I expect more shenanigans down the road in its never ending quest to force people on to Windows 10. Vigilance is the word.

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    Re: Windows 10 (Again!)

    Thanks. My inclination is to trust the third-party approach, rather than Microsoft's. (A sad state of affairs.)

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    Re: Windows 10 (Again!)

    Found this today ...



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