Software king of the world Microsoft is going to close Skype’s London office and release 400 people onto the British dole queue.
According to the Financial Times, Vole will “unify some engineering positions,” but that it “will be entering into a consultation process to help those affected by the redundancies”.
The London office was an important part of Skype’s history. Before Vole got its furry claws on the outfit the site was Skype’s primary engineering site and headquarters. The HQ also survived Skype’s period under the control of eBay.
The FT said that staff were not surprised by the news. Executives have been fleeing the building and doom sayers had “foretold a shift in the locus of power at the company”. There is nothing worse than a plague of Locus.
Vole has done much product work on Skype, with plenty of integration with Office 365 and a number of feature introductions that bring it closer in line with Slack.
Vole wants to build Skype from Redmond, which should help further align its “strategic vision” across its software products.