Fruity tax-dodging cargo cult Apple has signed another partnership in what is looking like an increasingly doomed attempt to flog its expensive shiny toys to corporates.
It seems every other week Apple signs a deal with someone like IBM or similar and the Tame Apple Press claims that it is proof that corporates are going to sign their companies up to replace all their legacy Windows gear with something fruitier.
In this case the deal is signed with Deloitte in which the consultant will open a new practice to help corporate clients work with Apple products. Apparently more than 5,000 Deloitte advisers will be included in the Apple initiative, the companies said.
The consulting firm also launched EnterpriseNext, a program aimed at helping clients make better use of Apple products and services.
So how have all those other deals worked. Apple’s first deal was signed with IBM in 2014 since then other deals with Cisco and SAP have followed.
However so far none of them have turned Apple into the corporate toy of choice. This is mostly because they still involve paying over the odds for Apple security and Apple networking which is something most corporates would cheerfully avoid. The concept of upgrading their legacy software just so they can upgrade their tablets and smartphones every year is not a particularly sane business decision.
However Apple CEO Tim Cook claimed that the deal with Deloitte will ensure that Apple is top of mind as companies think strategically about their practices,.
“What’s needed now is more of a focus on transforming the enterprise and helping businesses identify which areas have the highest either return on investment or highest impact on customer satisfaction. Deloitte is well positioned for this.”
As part of the EnterpriseNext program, customers can meet with designers and engineers who specialize in Apple’s operating system. Perhaps they can ask them why are yet to design an alarm clock which works and can adjust to summer time and time zones.
Cook said in 2015 that Apple’s enterprise business had reached $25 billion in annual revenue. He declined to provide a new figure on Wednesday but stressed the company is gaining ground. Although we are expected to trust him on that.