Not content with creating a phone which hisses at users stupid enough to buy it, Apple’s iPhone 7 has a feature which turns its screen yellowish.
The Tame Apple Press is doing its best to claim that yellow screens are normal and those who spent a fortune upgrading to the iPhone 7 have not really bought a lemon.
Apparently it was due to the use of the adhesive on the display, in which for some devices is still in the process of setting. Apparently it should go away in a few days and if it doesnt then your phone is not really defective and you have wasted yoru money it must be a software thing and you can adjust it. Eh?
What is amazing is that the Tame Apple Press is full of work arounds and fixes but no one appears to be bloody cross that an $800 phone has been released with such a problem. It is also a problem which Apple did not suffer from in its previous editions.
At some point someone will have to start looking at the phone, which hisses when it has a heavy work load, with its yellow screen, four hour headphone battery life and wonder “why the hell did I buy this hunk of over priced junk when I could have picked up something that did what I wanted for about $250.