US presidentual hopeful Donald Trump does not want the world to see his tax returns so a hacker magazine has offered a $10,000 bounty to anyone who can get them a copy.
The 2600 magazine announced the bounty in a tweet posted shortly after the conclusion of the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
The magazine’s tweet also indicated that prospective participants could make use of PGP encryption to send files and that the source’s identity would be protected. Apparently2600 was miffed that Trump’s comments about an overweight hacker is the cause of the bounty.
The editor of 2600, who goes by the name Emmanuel Goldstein said Trump has not released his tax returns, despite every presidential candidate having done that over the past however many decades, and somehow that’s just being swept under the rug. “Guccifer 3.0, if you’re out there, this is what we need: We need somebody to get in and get these returns,” he added.
Given that Guccifer is most likely working for the Russian government who wants Trump elected and does not want his Russian business dealings revealed we don’t think he will be claiming the bounty any time soon.
Of course the chances of a hacker legally getting their paws on Trump’s mighty declarations are a little remote. If Trump was short of cash he could also claim the bounty
The magazine claimed that the bounty would also be offered to Trump “or anyone in his campaign or family” in the event that his tax documents were provided to them. 2600 also indicated that it would welcome others to add to the initial amount offered as part of the Trump tax bounty. It also claimed to have received some interest from prospective contributors, interested in adding to the bounty. “This could easily become $100k or more. We can pay in dollars, bitcoin… or rubles,” the magazine wrote in a tweet.