The tax-evader whose company makes Donald Trump look like an amateur, Tim Cook is trying to convince the world that his outfit’s encryption makes the smartphone great again.
Apple’s supreme Dalek claimed that Apple had a hardline stance on user privacy and saw benefits of making strong encryption technology available to all.
“Encryption is what makes the public safe. As you know, there are people kept alive because the grid is up. If our grid goes down, if there was a grid attack, the public’s safety is at risk” — hence the need for encryption to protect it.
“You can imagine defence systems need encryption, because there are a few bad actors in the world who might like to attack those.”
He said that some people have attempted to make encryption out to be bad, but it really is “inherently great” and it would not be a safe society without it.
“So this is an area that is very, very important for us … as you can tell from our actions earlier this year, we throw all of ourselves into this. We’re very much standing on principle here.”