Chipzilla’s new Israeli HQ is being used to show off its latest internet of things systems and it is rather good if you are the sort who likes outsourcing everything to your boss.
Intel wants the building to be the “smartest” in the world. When it is finished in 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel it will be based around the latest internet of things technology, which was developed in Israel. The 366,000-square-foot building will house all 2,500 of the company’s employees in the country. It is expected to be completed in 2019.
The building will have the capability of learning the habits of every employee and customizing his or her working environment. Among other things, the building will know what coffee to make for each employee, and how to make it, when to send him or her to get a haircut, and it can recommend where to park.
Sounds great in many ways, if you like the idea of your boss knowing everything about you. We guess it will know when you are likely to go to the loo and how long you take in there. Other noteworthy services will include setting air conditioning temperatures in meetings based on the combined preferences of each attendee, and determining when the best hour for each employee to eat is, whether or not their favorite dish is being served and if their friends are available to join.
The building will also contain 3,500-square metres of electronic labs, three restaurants, a café, a gym, a spa, a beauty salon and a learning and convention center.