Two students at Carnegie Mellon University have designed an artificial intelligence program that is capable of beating human playersin a death match game of 1993’s Doom.
Guillaume LampleandDevendra Singh Chaplot spent four months developing a program capable of playing first-person shooter games. The program made its debut at VizDoom (an AI competition that centered around the classic shooter) where it took second place despite the fact that their creation managed to beat human participants.
According to Lample and Chaplot their AI “allows developing bots that play the game using the screen buffer.” What that means is that the program learns by interpreting what is happening on the screen as opposed to following a pre-set series of command instructions alone. Basically it learns to play in exactly the same way a human player does.
Apparenlty the AI won one of the competition games by learning to duck and therefore making itself much harder to hit.
If it is developed then it could improve video game artificial intelligence design with your game AI getting better the longer you play the game. The next cunning plan is to get the game playing Quake, which uses a more complex 3D environment.