The US military is considering changing its long outdated system of military codes for its nuclear weapons with technology inspired by blockchain.
DARPA is currently funding efforts to find out if blockchains could help secure highly sensitive data, with potential applications for everything from nuclear weapons to military satellites.
The reason the technology is being looked at is because of its “information integrity” which tracks when a system or piece of data has been viewed or modified. DARPA’s Blockchain programme manager, Timothy Booher said that it means knowing if anyone has been inside the castle, and what they’re doing there.
A blockchain is a decentralized, immutable ledger. Blockchains can permanently log modifications to a network or database, preventing intruders from covering their tracks. In DARPA’s case, blockchain tech could offer crucial intelligence on whether a hacker has modified something in a database, or whether they’re surveilling a particular military system.
There are some moves to improve the US’s nuclear weapon systems some of which still run on ancient floppy disks.