Islamic death cult, the Islamic State, has been buying off the shelf drones and packing them with explosives.
Kurdish forces fighting the Islamic State in northern Iraq last week shot down a small drone the size of a model airplane. Thinking it was an observation drone they took it to their base to have a look at it only to find it was rigged with explosives and blew up.
According to the Pentagon, the Islamic State has tried to use small drones to launch attacks at least twice, prompting American commanders in Iraq to issue a warning to forces fighting the group to treat any type of small flying aircraft as a potential flying bomb.
The terror group has used off-the-shelf surveillance drones on the battlefield for a while but now it looks like they have finally created a usable weapon.
American military analysts and drone experts say that the Pentagon, which still has not worked out how to take down drones was slow to anticipate that militants would turn drones into weapons.
Apparently the Pentagon does have expensive and sophisticated devices to stop drones attacking its own troops but has not given these to the Kurds or Iraqis. Officials said they have ordered the Pentagon agency in charge of dealing with explosive devices — known as the Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization — to study ways to thwart hostile drones.
The Islamic State is using simpler, commercially available drones such as the DJI Phantom, which can be purchased on Amazon for slightly over $1000. The group attaches small explosive devices to them, essentially making them remotely piloted bombs.
What is worrying is that a European or American terror cell might do the same thing and conduct a remote control terror attack on a city.