Biggish Blue, Google and seven others have linked up to give Intel a good kicking in the datacentres.
The gang has come up with an open specification that can boost datacentre server performance by up to ten times. Dubbed the Open Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (OpenCAPI), this is an open forum to provide a high bandwidth, low latency open interface design specification.
The open interface will help corporate and cloud data centres to speed up big data, machine learning, analytics and other emerging workloads.
The consortium plans to make the OpenCAPI specification available to the public before the end of the year and expects servers and related products based on the new standard in the second half of 2017, it said in a statement.
Chipzilla is not signing up to the forum, but them it has stayed away from other open standards and technology groups such as CCIX and Gen-Z. It prefers to keep all its technology to itself.
However Doug Balog, general manager for IBM Power, said that with all the AI, machine learning and advanced analytics kicking around, datacentres can no longer rely on one company alone to drive innovation.