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Topic: Using Gigasampler with Cubase

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    Using Gigasampler with Cubase

    I have been attempting to use GS with Cubase 5.0 for some time now with little luck. I have tried several configurations but something is missing. What I\'m trying to do is 1) Record a sequence in Cubase using my Alesis QS8.1 synth keyboard triggering GS, and 2) Record the sequence to an audio track in Cubase after MIDI editing and tweaking.

    I can trigger GS just fine when just GS is open, but as soon as I launch Cubase, I am no longer able to trigger GS!? How can I record a MIDI sequence if I can\'t trigger GS to play the part?

    I can\'t seem to figure out how to route GS into a Cubase input to record to an audio track, either.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I love both products indiviually, I just want to use them together!

    Thank you!

    Heath Weber

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    Re: Using Gigasampler with Cubase

    I have pretty much the same software and synth you do so I know your frustration. Heres the deal:
    you either need to have 2 sound cards (1 for Cubase, 1 for GS)
    you need to have a little software program called \"Hubi Loopback\"

    If you use your browser, youll be able to find several sites from which you can download Hubi for free.

    Good luck

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    Re: Using Gigasampler with Cubase

    I forgot to mention that regarding your wish to make an audio recording from a sequenced track, as far I as I know, you need to route the output from your source (QS8, GS, etc.) back into your soundcard and then into the appropriate audio track in Cubase. Its explained in the Cubase Documentation.
    Hope that helps

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    Re: Using Gigasampler with Cubase


    Thanks for your help. I will give your suggestions a try. I have seen mentions of the Hubi Loopback before and that was on my list of next things to try.

    I\'ll have to play with (read - \"fight with\") the Cubase settings some more to get the recording thing to work. I may just dump Cubase and go for a simpler hard disk recording solution like Cool Edit Pro, SonicFoundry Vegas, or Cakewalk Sonar. I have limited time to work in my studio (I have a full time job and a new son), so I\'d rather spend that time recording music than fighting with the configuration of overly complicated software. Not knocking Cubase - it\'s a cool program for those who have the time to figure it out and are able to use it effectively. I built my studio for my enjoyment, though, and not my frustration - which is what Cubase has given me so far!

    Thanks again!

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    Re: Using Gigasampler with Cubase


    I am running Cubase alongside GSt and have none of the problems above.

    As regards triggering GSt, as long as you launch Cubase with the sequencer button in GSt and select your Cubase track to output to Nemesys Port1 or 2, you should be able to play GSt via Cubase.

    As regards recording the GSt output as audio in Cubase, I too use 2 soundcards, but it should be possible to use just one soundcard, provided it is multiclient. I even managed to do so with Yamaha\'s DSP Factory, which is otherwise rather multiclient-unfriendly.

    Can you say more about your setup and the way you use GSt and Cubase together? Maybe there is just some small problem...


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    Re: Using Gigasampler with Cubase


    Thanks for you reply. I think what\'s missing for me is the Hubi Loopback driver, as runamuck had suggested. I haven\'t had a chance yet, but I will be trying this later this week or over the weekend.

    So far as the recording in Cubase, I think I just need to play with the routing in my audio interface once I have the Hubi Loopback in place and it should work. I have round that Cubase isn\'t just a program you can launch for the first time and run with - you have to pay your dues with it. I\'ve spent a few hours with it now and I\'m starting to get things figured out (finally got monitoring while recording figured out last night). Now I have another problem, for some reason I can\'t hear the metronome click anymore! I recorded one or two passes and on the third attempt, the metronome just stopped being audible. It\'s running - I can see the master level meters jumping from the click. I just can\'t hear it. Guess that\'ll be tonights project!


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    Re: Using Gigasampler with Cubase

    I use Cubase with GS.
    I have a multiclient soundcard.
    you can use one sound card if you simply
    use GS to capture to wave.
    Before doing it synchronize GS with Cubase
    using the Midi clock (double click sync in the trasport bar).
    Than perform the recording and
    import the Audio to Cubase using File/Import.
    Now you are done.

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    Re: Using Gigasampler with Cubase

    Thanks, eilamgross! This is what I had in mind to do if I decided to not get another sound card. I have a Delta66 card now, which was recently made multiclient with a driver update.

    I have heard that some people have had issues getting the audio captured from GS to sync with their other Cubase tracks. That is, once they import the audio file into Cubase, they find that the file is out of sync with their other tracks, or it slowly slips out of sync over time. Is this because they failed to sync Cubase and GS correctly. I know that there is a little program out their called GSFIX that is supposed to correct this problem. Is this GSFIX program a sham then?

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    Re: Using Gigasampler with Cubase

    I run Cubase and GSt as it is, without any additional software and think it should work for you as well. Couldn\'t it be just some settings-problem? Well, hard to judge. But Hubi\'s Loopback has got a good name so it might solve your trouble. Good luck!

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    Re: Using Gigasampler with Cubase


    I think you need the Hubi Loopback if you plan on recording GS straight into a Cubase audio track. If you are capturing to wav in GS, I don\'t think Hubi is necessary. I\'m going to try both and see which way I like best. I\'ve heard that sometimes there can be sync issues when capturing to wav in GS and then importing the wav file into a Cubase audio track, but eilamgross seems to feel that if Cubase and GS are synced correctly to begin with, this shouldn\'t happen. There\'s a little utility program called GSFIX out there that people say corrects this sync issue, but I\'m not sure I buy into it yet. It\'s shareware and the guy who wrote is wants $25 if you keep using it. I\'ll have to experiment first to see if the program is really necessary.

    I\'ll let you know what I find once I\'ve tested both methods. Thanks for your feedback and help.

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