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Topic: SiS648FX chipset question

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    SiS648FX chipset question

    Does anyone know if using my SiS648FX chipset could be causing greyed out midi ports in giga and no midi response at all? I have heard that sometimes there are conflicts between certain motherboards, soundcards, and giga. I have a Gina 24/96.

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    Re: SiS648FX chipset question

    I doubt it. I have used several other SiS chipsets without any problems with GS.

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    Re: SiS648FX chipset question

    I disable onboard audio. Do you use it?

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    Re: SiS648FX chipset question

    I\'ve built a bunch of Gigas with SIS...no problems from that quarter. What\'s your midi device? Has it ever worked? Does it show up in the audio tab of \"sounds\" on the control panel? jc

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