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Topic: networking PC and Mac?

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    networking PC and Mac?

    Hi...I just received Sam Trumpets on DVD....but my PC does not have a PC drive. Is it possible using Windows to fly the files over from my Mac superdrive? Both computers are already sharing an internet connection.



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    Re: networking PC and Mac?

    ...sorry, I tried to say my PC lacks a DVD drive... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: networking PC and Mac?

    Under OS X, turn on file sharing and make sure you\'ve created a user that\'s the same as your login on your Windows machine, then on your Windows machine copy the files from the networked drive.

    Under OS 9, either buy Dave, or setup an FTP server like Cerberus on the PC and use an FTP client on the Mac (like Fetch) to transfer files.

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    Re: networking PC and Mac?

    Go hit Ebay and buy a cheap DVD-ROM drive. For less than $30 you can have one.

    You\'re making this more complicated than it needs to be.

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    Re: networking PC and Mac?

    Thanks for the responses. Mike, could you please explain a bit more...I\'m not swift on pcs. When I boot up my custom giga pc (XP home) I don\'t see any log in info. I\'m not sure where to find it. If I try to switch log ins, I see that I am identified as Preferred Customer. What exactly is the log in name you are referring to? I have 2 Macs and this PC sharing DSL via a router. They are all set to be configured automatically via DHCP, if that is relevent. And once I match log on name and user name as you suggested,where/how exactly do I find the mac drives showing up on the pc desktop?
    Thanks...I really appreciate the help.

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    Re: networking PC and Mac?

    OK, I downloaded a demo of Dave and got everything grooving in minutes. Thank you so much for your help, Mike and Owel.



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    Re: networking PC and Mac?

    Rob, you\'ll need some additional software that lets the PC talk to the MAC via your network. I use PC MACLAN. You can download a demo from their website at http://www.miramar.com/

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    Re: networking PC and Mac?


    Thanks for taking the time to share all the details. Incredibly helpful. i did try initially to share files in system 10...earlier version...and couldn\'t figure it out. Now I know exactly how to accomplish this in the future. Really appreciate it.


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    Re: networking PC and Mac?

    Thanks a lot for the info BIlly...

    take care,


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