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Topic: Sonar 3 woes

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    Sonar 3 woes

    Hey all

    I\'m having a problem which is I think occurring with Sonar 3. I have a few instruments in Giga, and matching tracks in Sonar. When I hit play in Sonar, the instrument in Giga in channel 1 changes to the one in channel 3. No idea why it\'s doing this.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance..

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    Re: Sonar 3 woes


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    Re: Sonar 3 woes

    You know, I had this same thing happened to me the other day... everytime I click Play in Sonar, the instruments switches around in Giga.

    I tried putting both instruments/patches in both channels, and finally I gave up and removed a free Cymbals Giga instrument (can\'t remember if it\'s G-town or something else) and that did the trick. My Sam Horns patch now stays where I want it to stay.

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    Re: Sonar 3 woes

    My first thought is to check if there\'s a Program Change being sent from Sonar to Giga. It can be anything from the track properties to a written-in change embedded in the track itself. Make sure the Patch dropdown is set to \"-None-\".

    Just a guess. Good luck.

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