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Topic: GS Instrument editor and keyswitching

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    GS Instrument editor and keyswitching


    I understand the Giga Instrument Editor pretty well, but I do not know how to create an instrument that uses keyswitching to switch between layers. I have several instruments that I have already built, and I would like to combine them into one instrument that uses keyswitching. Can I do that?

    If not, then how do I build an instrument that uses keyswitching from scratch?

    Thanks for your anticipated help.


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    Re: GS Instrument editor and keyswitching

    Highlight the two instruments in the Editor, righ-click, and choose \"Combine Instruments\".

    If you\'ll be creating more than two dimentions, combine them in pairs, then combine the new instruments, etc.

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    Re: GS Instrument editor and keyswitching

    Well, layers and dimensions aren\'t really the same thing, so i\'m not sure just what you mean in you examples.

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    Re: GS Instrument editor and keyswitching

    Ooo... ok. What is the difference between a layer and a dimension?

    When I say \"layer,\" I am refering to a collection of regions with assigned samples that one hears after pressing a particular key-switch. So pressing \"C1\" enables one to hear \"layer 1.\" Pressing \"C#1\" enables one to hear \"layer 2,\" and so on. Should I be calling these collections of regions in one instrument \"dimensions\" instead of \"layers?\" What, then, is a \"layer?\"

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    Re: GS Instrument editor and keyswitching

    Ok, thanks for the lead. I have accomplished something, but I am still not all the way there.

    In one case I selected four instruments, chose \"combine,\" and was able to make an instrument with 4 key layers in the order I wanted them. I was able to combine this 4-layered instrument with a single-layered instrument to create a 8-layered instrument that had five sample-sets in it. Layers 1-4 had a different sample-set in each layer, and layers 5-8 had the same sample-set in each.

    I tried selecting a different four insts, clicked \"combine,\" and I got a 2-layer instrument. Another time I selected four insts, clicked \"combine,\" and got a instrument that had only 1 layer! -- the process does not work consistently.

    I have had similar inconsistent results trying to create 2-layered insts -- sometimes \"combine\" gives me the 2-layered inst I expected, and sometimes \"combine\" gives my a 1-layered instrument.

    I have also had similar inconsistent results trying to combine two 2-layered instruments -- sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn\'t. \"Combine\" seems to ignore instruments on a whim.

    I have not been able to combine two 4-layered instrument to create an 8-layered instrument.

    Has anybody else had similar frustrations?

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    Re: GS Instrument editor and keyswitching

    Bill\'s advice was good and useful, but little bit more
    specification would be helpful!

    So, I try to put this down to be easy and understandable as much as possible [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] !

    Let´s say you have 4 instruments you want to combine to one keyswitched instrument;
    1) you pick two instruments (as they\'re highlighted) and right-click to choose
    combine instruments and there you pick keyswitch in source list and maybe you need
    to shift order, and then name it like \" KS 1\"
    2) same procedure as above, you combine 2 instruments and this time name it \"KS 2\".
    3) Finally, you combine these two keyswitched instruments to one;
    you choose now instumnents KS1 and KS2 and choose combine with keyswitch this
    time again, be sure to check order is proper; KS1 is lower and KS2 upper, if not then
    shift order!
    4)Now you have keyswitched instrument with 4 separate insruments, all you have to do
    is to decide which keys you want to be control keys and this depends too if you
    have five octave keyboard or full 88-keys, but in this example we choose c1-d#1 to control
    keys (right click and choose properties) at dimension key start and key end .

    Hope this will clear things little bit!

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    Re: GS Instrument editor and keyswitching

    Your problem may be the note range of the source instruments, the number of keyswitches can change on a note by note basis.
    If I have one instrument that has a keyrange C2-C6
    Then another that has a keyrange C3-C6
    Combine these to make a new keyswitch instrument.

    The new (keyswitch) instrument will only have one layer (no keyswitch) in the range C2-B2 but will have 2 keyswitched layers in the range C3-C6 .

    Before you combine instruments, make sure they all have the same keyranges. Either stretch samples or insert dummy (silence) regions to make them all the same.


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