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Topic: Real Newbie Question

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    Real Newbie Question

    I just got GS160 this weekend and installed it. My system looks like this.

    ASUS P4C800 motherboard
    P4 3GHz
    2Gb DDR ram
    2 Barracuda SATA drives
    Echo MIA MIDI sound card
    Windows XP

    So I followed all the instructions for starting up and loading an instrument into MIDI channel 1 on port 1, hit a note on my MIDI keyboard, and.....nothing. I noticed the little blocks representing the MIDI ports were not indicating any activity, so I tried using the virtual keyboard instead. Still nothing.

    So I checked the hardware settings panel, and everything seemed in order. GS had set itself up with the MIA MIDI as a MIDI input, and its GSIF drivers for audio output. The only problem was that the box showing the sample rate claimed to be set at 32bits. Since neither GS nor my card support 32bits I couldn\'t see why and thought I would change it to 16bits. But it turned out that the only option in the drop-down menu of sample-rates was 32bits.

    The other problem I had was when I tried opening the instrument editor and I got a warning that MIDI LOOP couldn\'t be run, whatever that might be.

    Am I doing something silly here? Please help. As yet I still haven\'t heard a note.

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    Re: Real Newbie Question


    You do not mention any sequencer. Without it, you\'ll hear nothing. If you have one, set it up on the hdware tab and you\'ll hear.


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    Re: Real Newbie Question

    Don\'t be afraid of bit rate, my friend!
    It\'s fully normal and means that audio is operated at
    32 bit floating rate ( as many other soft samplers allow you
    choose 32 bit or 16bit, like Atmosphere and Plugsound),
    althought Giga plays samples 16 bit !
    I also got Mia and only choice is 32 bit , no problemo!

    Ted, you won\'t need sequencer to hear Giga, only
    audio(GSIF) and modi interface, just like Pingus Mia Midi! [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]
    Of course, It helps you to have sequencer to compose [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Real Newbie Question

    I do have a sequencer but I don\'t see why I would need it just to hear Gigastudio. I was trying to take the MIDI input from my MIA MIDI directly into Gigastudio, and simply hear what I was playing on the keyboard. Adding Cubase inbetween would just complicate things and make it so that I wouldn\'t know where to place the blame for things going wrong.

    As it happens it was the poorly written WDM drivers for the card that were to blame. Actually I don\'t know if they were poorly written - they probably worked great under Windows 2000 - but they haven\'t ported to XP very well. Going back to an older version of the drivers sorted the audio problem, but the drivers predated the MIDI version of the card, so now I have no MIDI input at all, and have to use the virtual keyboard in Giga. When I e-mailed support at Echo I got the stunning reply that, \"It should work.\" and then they suggested that if the old drivers worked I should use them.

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    Re: Real Newbie Question

    BTW, though I had this problem with my non-Midi Mia and reverted to the 6.04 driver a while back, I e-mailed Echo support with the problem so they would know of it. If anyone else had this problem, please let them know.

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    Re: Real Newbie Question

    Thanks csduke,

    I did let them know, but there was a really arrogant guy on the other end of the support line. I wrote quite an extensive e-mail detailing the whole problem, and his response was to return my e-mail with two sentences buried in the middle, saying, \"Well it should work. But if you\'re having a problem with MIDI detection and the 6.04 drivers seem to work then why not go back to them?\"

    So I e-mailed again saying, \"I can\'t go back to the 6.04 drivers because they predate the MIDI version of the card and thus don\'t contain a MIDI driver.\"

    I got a quite stunning response, from someone who I can only assume took about 1 second scanning my letter before taking personal offense: \"THEY??? Who are \"THEY???\" I have PERSONALLY! tested all our cards with Gigastudio with the 6.04 drivers, and they all work just fine.\"

    When I repsonded that I wasn\'t quite sure what he meant, because \"They\" in my e-mail had been a simple reference to the 6.04 drivers, and not a person, I was told that I was quite welcome to bother Tascam Support with this.

    So not a lot of joy I\'m afraid. But maybe if everyone who has had this problem could e-mail them, they would be forced to acknowledge the bug and do something.

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    Re: Real Newbie Question

    Ahah,the problem that you won\'t hear anyhing,
    no midi, no sound at all, Isn\'t it so?

    This problem with \" MIDI LOOP couldn\'t run\"
    is relating that midi connection is reserved,
    some other device is running it;
    for example If I load up Kompakt first and then
    load Gigaeditor to edit some sounds it says
    \"failed to start midi loop\", because Kompakt
    already uses midi driver!

    But If you just load Gigastudio after boot up
    and there\'s no sound, your problem goes deeper
    with midi connection in Mia midi.
    I actually also use verion 6.08 with my Mia
    (not Miamidi)and it\'s working ok I think, but
    I have problem with stuck notes (I\'m using
    SW1000XG midiport). Would this be related to
    Echo Mia, I don\'t know?

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    Re: Real Newbie Question

    Hi Marco,

    Is this under Windows XP? If so then I ought to be able to get mine working somehow. I\'ve a feeling, though, that the WDM drivers for the MIA MIDI were written for 2000 and haven\'t ported over to XP very well.

    I\'m afraid I don\'t know about the hanging notes, although I used to have this problem quite a lot with my SW1000XG under Windows 98, so maybe it\'s not the MIA card.


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    Re: Real Newbie Question

    Yes, Pingu
    This is Windows XP
    And problem with stuck notes is not about Mia!
    (heh, I\'d like to believe that [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] )
    I have tested 6.04 and 6.08 and they are
    all working good!
    Is it written for Win2000 or XP, I don\'t know,
    but generally Echo Audio has good reputation
    with drivers.

    One thing still about reserved midi;
    I remember sometimes after using first
    Sonar after unloading itand then going to
    GigaStudio, and the result was no sound and
    midi at all [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]
    But after booting up WinXP everything was working OK!

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