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Topic: Athalon (VIA chipset) and Giga

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    Athalon (VIA chipset) and Giga

    I was thinking about getting a new system with a VIA chipset for a dedicated giga box. I noticed some murmurings on the board about VIA/Athalon not playing nice with Giga, but couldn\'t find anything conclusive. Should I go for a PIV instead?


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    Re: Athalon (VIA chipset) and Giga

    Hey Anders, that was more with older VIA chipsets. I\'m running two here, rock-solid, every day.

    Main thing is to update the chipset drivers when you install Windows. You can get the drivers from; www.viaarena.com

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    Re: Athalon (VIA chipset) and Giga

    Don\'t forget to install the VIA 4-in-1 drivers after installing Windows OS.

    I\'ve seen brand-new built PCs with very fast CPUs that can\'t even play a DVD movie without skips and stuttering until you install the VIA 4-in-1 drivers. They are important!

    I too have NO problem with VIA chipsets. In fact, my video workstation is using VIA chipsets and I don\'t have any drop frames in my uncompressed video captures.

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    Re: Athalon (VIA chipset) and Giga

    Even the VIAKT266 worked fine with Gigastudio. Most people go for the boards with the nForce chiptsets.
    I\'m using the VIAKT600 with no problems.

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    Re: Athalon (VIA chipset) and Giga

    Just to second Scott\'s post, I\'ve been running VIA with audio apps for quite awhile and never had any trouble. Some do, I guess, but I\'ve been lucky.

    You really can\'t go wrong with the latest VIA chipsets. I think they\'re up to what? 800?

    I\'ve got a 600 and an Athlon XP 2500+ Barton and it runs GigaStudio just fine.

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