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Topic: Magically changing patches

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    Re: Magically changing patches

    Are you running anything else at the same time?

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    Re: Magically changing patches

    I am usually running CW9. I thought that could be the culprit, but, since it doesn\'t happen consistently, I haven\'t been able to figure out what actually triggers it.

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    Re: Magically changing patches

    It doesn\'t help, but I thought I would add it happens to me too!

    I\'m running a mac with Logic.

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    Magically changing patches

    Has anyone encountered this with GS? Occasionally patches change all by themselves. A string patch assigned to, say, Port 1/Channel 5, suddenly changes to a horn which was among the loaded instruments.

    I haven\'t figured out just what triggers this.

    (But, then again, I\'m a little slow.)

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    Re: Magically changing patches

    Yes, that happens to me... one time I fixed the problem by removing a free Giga patch from the loaded instrument list. That fixed the problem. How? Why? I don\'t know.

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    Re: Magically changing patches

    Does it happen during playback of a MIDI file? And if so, is the patch which is switched TO the same?

    If a track patch is set to, say, Acoustic Guitar, CW9 (and most other sequencers I know) sends a Program Change message to the selected MIDI channel and port for that particular track. When you load a sample into GS, it\'s given a Program Change number. Therefore, any Program Change requests which come in for Program # 38, as an example, will make the loaded sample for that channel change to whatever instrument is set as program # 38, if there is one.

    For this reason, I recommend that any sequences which use a GS instrument have the selected Patch set to \"-None-\" and the Performance setup saved separately. That way there\'s no chance of a Program Change being sent at the beginning of playback.

    That said, Program changes CAN be embedded in the middle of a sequence, so you\'ll need to go hunting in your affected MIDI track to see if there\'s a Program Change controller request hiding in the data somewhere. The Event List view comes in handy for just such a need.

    My $0.02.

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    Re: Magically changing patches

    Thought I read somewhere that setting your sequencer channel to NONE causes GigaStudio to populate all unfilled channels with the current patch, which in turn causes other problems. I try to ensure that the sequencer channel settings matches the GigaStudio setting.


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    Re: Magically changing patches

    I am glad that you mentioned this. I have had this happen several times where empty channels are automatically populated with Giga Piano. This never occurs on startup, butdoes happen when I load a performance setup (even the default)

    The effect that was described above with changing patches also occurs sometimes. I think that it is related to settings in the sequencer. (Sonar 3)

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    Re: Magically changing patches

    Thanks, O Boy. It hasn\'t happened to me in a while, but the next time it does, I\'ll try to pay more attention and do a post mortem. It\'s like the funny noise under the hood. It only happens when no one\'s around.

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