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Topic: SIR and Sonar 2.2

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    SIR and Sonar 2.2

    Is it possible? Can Sonar 2.2 use VST\'s? I heard there is some translator software. Anyone knowing some that\'s not too expensive?
    Thnak you!

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    Re: SIR and Sonar 2.2

    Yes, there are adapters that work well. The Cakewalk VST Adapter (they bought the former FXpansion product) is probably the one to get right now and it\'s included with Sonar 3.0. That said, the other one, DirectiXer (spell?), works well too.


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    Re: SIR and Sonar 2.2


    if you can sprint the bucks for Sonar 3.0 Producer, you\'ll get the DXI and VST included free!

    Alan Russell

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