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Topic: Need Midi Help - anybody?

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    Need Midi Help - anybody?

    Hi all..

    I set up one Giga machine and another machine (3.2ghz) with Sonar 3.0 Producer and Kontakt installed.

    I can record Audio tracks form the Giga machine to the 3.2 GHZ machine with no problem.

    The current problem is that the midi cables need to be hooked up correctly so that I can create a midi track (data) with my 3.2ghz machine by getting the data from the Giga machine.
    In this way I can record Giga data and also playback Giga midi tracks with the 3.2ghz machine. Understand?

    So far, no solution.

    Here\'s my current midi hook up..

    Echo Lalya (on the 3.2ghz machine) - Two midi cables ins and outs going to the Motif 8.
    From the Echo layla (Midi thru going to the midi input of the Frontier card. (Total 3 midi cables being used)

    There must be something missing here..

    Available openings: Motif 8 (midi thru)
    Frontier: Midi ports 2 (in and out)
    Midi Ports 1 (out)

    Any help appreciated

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Need Midi Help - anybody?

    Best to hook you keyboard up to your Sonar machine, and have the data echoed to the Giga machine. Giga doesn\'t put out any MIDI data, so there\'s no reason to use the MIDI out on that machine.

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    Re: Need Midi Help - anybody?

    To clarify a bit more (I hope):

    Motif out to Sonar in. Enable \"thru\" in Sonar -- the \"active\" track will determine where MIDI is sent during live play. Sonar out to a.) Motif in, and b.) Giga in. If you don\'t have multi-out MIDI you can go Sonar out to Motif in, then Motif thru to giga in. It\'s an extra hop, but I hear those Motif boards got that MIDI thing covered... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] MIDIOverLan is the other option, as mentioned.

    The problem with this set up, of course, is that you\'re playing Giga thru Sonar, which you need to do for Sonar record and playback. To play giga directly from the Motif you\'d have to physically repatch the cords. A more elegant solution is to use a virtual MIDI device product -- there\'s a few out there -- and map your connections in software. I don\'t know if MOL helps you with this or not.

    - Keith

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    Re: Need Midi Help - anybody?


    Sonar 3.0 producer does not have any config for the midi thru. I recall that config in XL 2.2
    Sonar is coming out on 1/6/2004 with v3.1 which may address one of these issues..fingers crossed..

    What I did today and
    here\'s what I hooked up:

    keyboard: Midi ins and outs to the Sonar machine
    Echo Layla) Total = 2 Midi Cables

    Keboard: Midi Thru to Giga Machine (Frontier Wave PCI/Card- Midi input..
    Total = 1 Midi Cable

    What I acheived:

    Keyboard recognizes midi data from BOTH computers..
    I am able to record midi data and play in real time.

    The motif internal sounds become a big problem here where one has to unplug the analog output cables due to the fact that they echo along with any of the Giga voices...Forces me to exit the synth world-right?

    BTW, when I finish any of my midi tracks now and play them back..there is a distortion or a clipping only on the Sonar machine midi tracks when the song ends.

    The Giga midi track(s) are clean and ends normal on playback.

    Any ideas?

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Need Midi Help - anybody?


    How many outs do you have on your Sonar machine? If you have at least 2 do the following.

    1. Motif out to Sonar MIDI In.
    2. Sonar MIDI out 1 to Motif.
    3. Sonar MIDI out 2 to Giga machine.

    This will trigger all samples. Sonar 3 has MIDI thru built into the program - I use it all the time. Make sure Local Control is shutoff on the Motif so notes don\'t double. If you want to trigger more MIDI channels in the Giga machine you will need more MIDI outs to the Giga machine. Sonar 3 has very powerful MIDI thru capabilities including being able to setup multiple inputs and routing them to specific tracks. You can record a whole MIDI band this way. It is explained in the manual.

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    Re: Need Midi Help - anybody?


    On the Sonar Machine (Echo Layla) there is
    1 out 1 in and 1 thru. My frontier card has
    2 outs and 2 ins..(That\'s on the Giga Machine)

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Need Midi Help - anybody?

    My head is spinning from all the ins and outs and thrus...

    I have a guess on the distortion problem you\'re having at the end of your tracks. I\'ve noticed in my work with Sonar 3 that once the end of a song is reached, the audio engine gets shut off immediately. I\'m thinking that you\'re hearing an unpleasant end to your Kontakt tracks. Try slipping in an inaudible MIDI event (say, a pedal push) several bars after the end of the tune. Sonar will keep playing until it hits that event, giving your synths enough time to complete their sounds. A terrible workaround, yes, but it\'s also darned effective.

    I was going to mention MIDIOverLAN because it makes life much, much easier, but I see someone\'s beat me to the punch. Oh, and for just two computers you can use a crossover network cable as explained or a simple network hub--a switch is overkill.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Need Midi Help - anybody?


    You\'re thinking of it backwards. The data has to out of your Sonar machine to the In on your Giga machine. You will need a MIDI interface on both your Sonar 3.2 GHz machine and on your Giga machine.

    If you don\'t have 2 MIDI interfaces then I would recommend purchasing MIDIoverLan if you have network connections between the 2 machines. This is how I communicate with my Giga machine from my Sonar machine. Do you have network cards in both machines? All you need is a crossover cable to connect the 2 if there not networked at this time. If you\'re using the network connection now your Sonar machine, then you\'ll need a switch and a couple regular network cables to hook the 2 together.

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    Re: Need Midi Help - anybody?


    \"I\'m thinking that you\'re hearing an unpleasant end to your Kontakt tracks\"

    That;s exactly what\'s happening. Is there a bug in v3.0 of Producer..It should be a clean ending.

    I have my two comouters hooked up to a hub that receives my internet cable connection..

    What Do I need to midi-lan it from here?

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Need Midi Help - anybody?


    in order for me to do Midi over Lan..what do I have to disconnect from my machines and what needs to be connted..

    Can you map it out for me..You know my gear..

    Have a great evening!

    Alan Russell

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