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Topic: Audiophile and gigastudio on standalone pc.....

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    Audiophile and gigastudio on standalone pc.....


    I am about to set up my gigastudio on my old PIII 800 pc with audiophile 2496 soundcard and windows XP.

    The new sequencing/vsti pc will be based around a P4 2.4 with rme multiface.

    Will this setup work OK ?

    Are the audiophile GSIF drivers up to the job ?



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    Re: Audiophile and gigastudio on standalone pc.....


    Some things to keep in mind about your new system:
    * How much ram do you plan on having
    * What version of gigastudio (96, 164)?
    * How large will the samples be that you\'ll be loading?
    * How fast is your hard drive?

    I have a P4 2 gigahertz, 512 megs RAM, Giga 96, Audiophile 2496 with XP and have some problems but I think most of my problems deals with the complexity of what I am trying to do. If I never went beyond 16 midi channels, medium sized samples, and reasonable complexity midi files I think my setup would be more than adequate. Unfortunately, I load huge midi files (40 staves, 500 measures, 32 channels), moderately large samples, and I always have these three problems:

    1.) Crackling and popping (which seems common on the audiophile 2496 from what I\'ve seen on this message board)
    2.) Error code 5: unable to allocate memory when loading the samples (very frustrating!)
    3.) Slow down and drop outs on the MIDI during more complex polyphony. This is especially noticeable with reverb so I think this is a problem with the CPU or motherboard not being quick enough.

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